Dec 6, 2012

India Today Sex Survey 2012 - A view from Mizoram

(Saptawng ngatin ka han update ve ang e.. )

A survey conducted by one of the biggest media house in the country and a respected global firm across 16 cities indeed bring a shocking facts and what baffled me more was the methodology and the number of respondents ' participation (an opinion poll on 5,246 respondents (2,623 women, 2,623 men) across 16 cities.

Taking the above numbers into consideration and let us divide by the number of cities, the respondents came out 330 per city in a rough calculation. Considering these numbers as the base factors in all the cities regardless of the inhabitants, the ratio is extremely low especially in a metro city and the percentage does not show any near figure in a statistical terms. The sample is too low in order to get a reliable statistical data.

For example, Mumbai alone has a population of about 31 lakhs and a density of 20,000 per sq km (approx.) as per 2011 census with an area covering above 150 sq km. That means only 0.11% respondents participated in the survey. That shows how unreliable the findings of this survey is.

Let forego the details of demographic analaysis and social strata in the survey, an attempt to highlight the North Eastern states in the limelight of the mainstream news was a brilliant idea. I have no qualms to the survey vis-à-vis the findings yet the outcome is exceedingly inappropriate knowing the  reputation of the India Today magazine and its partner Nielsen apart from knowing that they have been doing the survey since the last ten years.

I have a few questions regarding how the survey was conducted in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram.  Was the survey conducted by the reps of India Today Nielsen survey or was it outsourced to some NGO’s based there or the govt agency ? The rests of the findings might have been an unfound truth but what I found intriquing was “the reports of highest percentage of live-in relationships, as well as those with multiple sexual partners”.

With comparison to other cities in the survey, Aizawl has an inhabitants of about 3 lakhs. The Mizo society is a close knit society and the locality there is know one-know all kind of neighborhood. Moreover, the society is being monitored closely by NGO watchdogs  whose powers are so immense that the governent had been compelled to act as per their directives in many a times. A good example is that Mizoram has been a dry state since 1997 although a frequent outcry from many intellectuals and pressuer groups, the government does not dare to withdraw the MLTP Act. Hence, the validity of street cornered sampling and recruitment interviews is highly doubtful with respect to Aizawl city.

I still wonder the audacity of India Today Nielsen Sex Survey in publishing such an unreliable facts collected through a token coverage in their survey. I hope they do a more comprehensive research in their next survey.

Oct 1, 2012

Internet leh eirukna leh Google

Hmaaaanah chuan... han ti ngawt i la. Kum tluan deuh thaw a kartin ka awmna ka sawn thin avang leh ka hun tam zawk tuifinriat lama ka hman thin avangin internet hi ka han ngaisang khawp a. Cafe pan tang tang kha a ngai a, a man a lo to deuh si a. Online ngei ngai hi kan chhiar zung zung a. A dang zawng hi Notepad ah copy in flopy ah ka copy te te a. Ka ak hawng ta thin a.

Tichuan, sawrkhar computer ah ka copy leh te te a, font duh ang a lian a siamin lehkha chhia (leh lam hman tawh) ah hian dot matrix ngei mai khan ka print ta tlauh tlauh thin a. Tichuan, zan lam duty na hmunah hian ka chhiar ta thin a. Kha kha ka eiruk hmasak ber leh a tawp ber a ni mai lo maw?

Kan lo changkang chho zel a, mobile ah internet a lo thlun theih takah chuan mit pawh ui ngam lo in ka chhiar chhunzawm ve ta tlauh tlauh a. Discussion forum ah te hian ka tel ve leh zawk zawk thin a. Thu ka ziah duh chuan ka material duh ang te ka download te te a, a print nen inchhawpin ka thairang ta thin a. Ofis computer ah ka chhu leh tlauh tlauh a. Floppy in ka keng chhuak a, ka va copy and paste ve leh tawp thin a ni.

Hun a lo kal zel a, cafe man a lo tlawm zel a. Laptop leina te ka lo neih ve takah chuan ka inchhawp ve ta a. Mi hnial hi ka ching em em mai a. Amaherawhchu, mi ka hnial hian ka hriat loh vanga an thil hriat te min share tur a ka duh vang a nih tlangpui avangin ka lo save nghauh nghauh thin.

Tichuan zanah kan hawng tha leh a, a dik leh dik loh finfiah tumin ka Google/ Wiki ta tlauh tlauh thin a. Ka ngawih zui hmak hi chuan mi thil hriat te hi pawm tlakah ka ngai ve tihna a ni a, ka duh khawp ka hmuh loh chuan ka hnial tha leh thin a tukah te... khatih hunlai khan :)

A lo nuam ve thin mang e. Hunawl neih ang chhun chhun hman that a awl phian a. Hun a lo kal zel a orkut atangin Facebook te a lo chhuah tak zelah chuan mahniin broadband te kan  lo inchhawp ve tawh bawk nen ka tam tawlh tawlh a. Ziah tur erawh ka van tawlh tawlh a. Chhiar tur a tam tawlh tawlh takah chuan HUN eiruk zeuh zeuh a lo awm ta fo mai a.

Mithiam tak tak te thuchhuak a tam thin nen, tunlai mithiam ho chu midang tan an zir lo a, an mahni tan bak thiam an nei lo a nih hi ka ti vel ta mai mai a. A thiam thiam ni a ka hriat te hi a nawi nawi an lo ni leh thin a. Internet lama kan than dan hi chu siam danglam dan a la awm ang maw le tiin ka lo uipui tuilian thlir liam vel ta mai mai a. Ka peih ta meuh lo a ni e.

Hmmm.. a thupui ah lut tawh ang aw.... ti hian ka ngaihtuah ta a, google te kan hmang tangkai hlawm em em a. Thil thuhruk te pawh a then chuan an hmuchhuak thiam zel te an tia. A thenin engkim a awm an lo ti bawk nen. Hman tangkai hi ka han tum ve nasa khawp a. Thil awm lo ni a ka rin te hi kan zawng leh ngawt thin a, a lo awm leh mial thin bawk a.

Amaherawhchu, internet thiam em em mai zingah hian khawl finna aia mihring finna hmang thiam hi kan lo la tam zawk hian ka hre thin. Discussion forum leh group hrang hrangah te hian zawhna mawlmang ve tak tak, kha tiang a pawh zawhna thlen thiam si khan ".. Khawbung hi khawi khuaah bnge  awm?" tih ang te hi an la zawt nawlh nawlh lawi si a.

A dik a dik chuan internet hian engkim chhanna hi min lo pe thei lo a nih dawn hi tih ka rin tak em em na chhan chu internet lama mithiam em em, entirnan, Sandman aka Mizohican ang te hi tun thleng pawhin an la tlangval reng tho si a, an duh duh an Google chhuak a, nula te hi an Google chhuak thiam lo nge an thei lo zawk? tih hi ka zawhna a la ni ta reng a.

A thupui nen han ngaihzawm kual ve tawh mai teh u :)

Aug 28, 2012

Aw... Zoram, tho la ding ta che!

Tho la ding ta che
I hliam a dam e; 
I tha thum te a kiang e.

Hnutiang hawi lovin ram kal siam ta che, 
Khuavel i la chhing ngei ang.

Hausa an hausa tawlh tawlh a, retheite tan khawhawi a har tawh mang e. Ram hmangaihtu inti ten kil tin an hrut vel a. Bum tawk an vai ruai e, thiam thil an ngah, tawngkam thlum tin reng nen. Dawt sawi reng an hreh lo, pute sawi chu Pathian sawi emaw tiin kalna lam apiangah an tlangau pui chiam chiam a.

Sakhaw zalenna pawm siin midang sakhua chu sawi loh kan kohhran lo chu van ram kai tir loh kan tum lawi si. Sum duh luatah kohhran mit a del tan ta. Khawtlang hmasawnna aiin mimal hmasawnna kan thlir a. A thawh hnem thei theiin Nilai thupui an hawng an ti. Rethei daikil kara inkhawm thulh ngailo chuan kum bul atanga kum tawp thlengin tlar hnung a chan tawk a ni si.

Thalai rual ten kal ngaihna kan hre ta lo ve. Nu leh pa kan mawh, thiam thil puak chhuah tur reng kan hre tawh lo. Chep em em a inhriatna bak hi hriatna behhchhan kan mamawh tawh hek lo. 

Kan thluak min suk sak zo ta. Dik leh tha hria zawm peih lo kan pung tual tual a. Thiam em em hman ngaihna pawh hre lo khawp kan zi ta mur mur mai le. Thudik ngaina te tan hmun a chep a, dawt puarpawleng a in hampuarin tuallai kan leng e.

Zilhna kan ngai pawimawh hek lo. Vai haw hle siin sap leh khawchhak ngaihsanna in min run mek bawk a. Hnam bo zia an tih ang kha kan lo pai fur zuk nia. Hmanagaihna ai chuan deuh sawhna in kan thinlungah hmun a chang lian zawk a. 

Hrehawm tawrh kan peih ta lo. Kan mizia kan zuar lo chauh a ni ta e. Thiamna lei a lo ngaih takah chuan kei zawng thiam chi ka ni ta lo ve. Khawhar an rum, nawmsip bawl an pung tual tual.

Mahni tanghma bak ngaihtuah peih kan awm ta lo. Ka zawngin a ni ka ram kan tih tak ni. Rin tur an vang mawh tur an tam. Khawvel a zim, kan tlatna a zau tual tual. Kan khawhawi a zim tawlh tawlh thung si.

Thenawmte hmangaih thei lo hian khaw sarih do chu kan hlat a ni. Pathian thlarau tello hlimna um kan pung tual tual a. Pawl ten tum mumal an nei thei ta lo ve. Induhsakna a hluar tawlh tawlh a, kristian inti kan pung tual tual bawk.

Huan nei aiin ram nei kan tam a, in luah tur a van em em laiin luah sen loh luh tir tur zawng an kat nuk tho si. Khawilai berah hian nge kan kalsual tak tih hi ka ngaihtuah thin a. Sawi thiam a har ngei e. 

Kei zawng ka rilru hi a hah ve thin tih theih ka nei tlem si. Ngaihzawng sualthlu zo lo hian ram kalsiam ka sual thlu zo dawn si lo. Tih theih ka neih ve tawk mahni in phun phun tawh mai ang aw... 

Tho la ding ta che......

Aug 1, 2012

Neihfaka rilbawmah! (Some handy pdf files download links)

Bo rei manah tun tum chu neihfaka rilbawmah mobile device pawh a chhiar awlsam tur, tul hun a han phawrh mai tur ka rawn chhawp chhuak mai mai ang e. Google hmang tangkai peih lo kan tam si a, Mizoram sawrkhar policy leh dan thenkhat ka rawn dah e. Download vat la, kawl tha ve reng reng rawh khai.. Offline pawhin a chhiar theih tho a nia! :P

Mizo Hnam Dan (Mizo Customary Law): Mizo Hnam Dan hi neih ve ngei ngei tur hmasa ber a ni. Click Here to Download
Mizoram Statistical Handbook 2010 : Hei pawh hi tangkai tak a ni. 2010 hnu hian Statistical Dept hian an buatsaih chhunzawm ta lo nge, upload lo pawh ka hre tawh chuang lo. Click Here
Information Technology Policy 2001: Mizoram IT Policy hi lo bik chiang ve re re rawh khai! Policy hi bawhzui a ni em le? Click Here
New Industrial Policy 2002: Mizoram New Industrial Policy hian changkanna lam a hawi em? Policy chu kan nei ve ngei a nia :P Click Here
New Land Use Policy Manual : Congress sawrkar champion pui hi a chepakai in lo chhiar ve ta che. Click Here
Bamboo Policy : Hei ve thung hi chu MNF sawrkhar lai a an tuipui ber kha a ni.Click Here
Power Policy (Non-conventional energy): Hei hi a kum leh Govt notification engmah a inziak miah lo na a, rin tlak ah ngai ang, sawrkhar website a mi a ni si a.Click Here
Power Policy (hydroelectric) 2010: Hei hi erawh chu full policy han download mai tur ka hmu bik lo na a. Vanglaini Website ah provisions tlem a zawng dah a ni a. PDF in a save keuh theih e. Click Here

Hei pawh hi lo bihchiang ve ta che, kawl that mai mai atan pawh a tha…

Investment Climate in Mizoram: Hei hi India Brand Equity Foundation kaihhruaina hnuai a ICRA Management Consulting Service Ltd (IMaCS) in Mizoram a Investment climate an zir chianna, a source nen thlap a awm. Kan sawrkhar rawih nge erawh ka hre bik lo.Click Here

Mizoram State Plan Presentation: Hei pawh hi Planning Commission in 12th finance Commission hma a Mizoram State Plan presentation a pharh a ni a. Bih chian peih chuan lo click ta che Click Here

Mizoram sawrkar dan leh hrai (Acts & Rules thenkhat te)