Jul 10, 2009

Sandman a hi tuai a lo ni reng a lawm!

"Beta, achhi ladki se shaadi karna," (Mate, nupui fel tak nei ang che aw!" ti a thlah lawm lawm thin nu leh pa te tan chuan,"Beta, ladki se hi shaadi karna!" (Mate, nupuiah chuan hmeichhia ngei nei ang che aw!)tih vawng vawng a ngai dawn ta anih hi!...... tiin ka vai thawhpui pakhat chuan min hrilh hlawl mai a.

Ka ngaihtuah vang vang a, "A ni thei awm mang tak e aw!" ka ti ta rauh rauh a. Tun hnaiah Delhi High Court chuan Indian Penal Code 377 na India Danpui kalh a ni e tiin thutlukna a siam bau mai a. Kar khat chhung ringawtin (after 2 July) tuai innei kawp sarih ngawt mai an awm hman der nia!

IPC 377 a 'unnatural sex' atih hian gay/lesbian chauh tan ni lo a mimal tin a huam avang erawh chuan repeal ngawih ngawih tlakah ka ngai a. Amaherawhchu, hei hi remchanga la a, tih dan phung chiah lo a nungte RIGHTS hup beh sakna dan ang mai a a kal hian ka khawvel thlir dan a ti dang lam ta a ni.

Pianphungin a a ken nge ni a mahni duhthu tih pawh sawi thiam a har tan ta. Mimal dikna rah beh sak an nihna lai tak hi ka hrethiam lo a. An chep tih hi ka pawm ve der lo mai. Relah i chuang a an rawn dap ngam che nia. An kutdawh dan te hi! Chubakah mi pangai pela nung hi an tam ve chiang e mai. Mi te hian an dawhthei ngawt zawk a lawm. Nun dan pangai pela, tuai pawh a tuai nihna pel emaw patil pawh a patil nihna pel a an nun chuan mi ensan an hlawh loh nakah! Khawtlangah pawh mi tih dan baka nung te chu tu ngaihsan mah an hlawh ngai lo.

Gay pride parade te kha... chanchin phekah leh TV ah te an in kuah vel! Inneih hial duh a te ho chu opposite sex an ni ve mai lawm ni? Chuti chung chuan police pawhin an man ve hlei nem! Mumbai ah hian i bialnu emaw i bialpa emaw...han kai chhin teh! An booked nghal che anga. Atukah court ah i inlan zak zak mai ang! Tunge chep zawk?

A reng reng thuah gay sex legalization ang zawnga a kal dawn anih te chuan nawhchizawrh te pawh hi phal ve law law mai tur hi a nia. An ni pawh a dawrtu nen te chuan 'puitling duh ve ve' an ni tho a lawm! :D

Ka lo tuai ve reng anih hi ka sep ho e mai! An ni hi lo innei ve mawlh mawlh teh se. Ka duhsak pui e. Amaherawhchu, newspaper leh TV ah hi chuan rawn lang chhen teh suh se. Rakhi Sawant i TV Show tluk zetin ka ning!!!


  1. Congratulations for coming out of the closet, bro. I always knew it. And there is nothing wrong. Mak ka ti chiahlo, defense service a awm i nih avang hian. Anyway, don't worry, I will not treat you any differently. Be strong, sis. I mean, bro. You have my full support.

  2. Hehe.. a tha e.
    Ni e, Mizoram lama kan chanchinbute pawh hian, Elton John-a pasal neihte kha an chhuah vak mai. News rawkrai lo tak tak hi chu chhuah kher kher tul lo tam tak a awm ve niin a lang.

  3. "An chep tih hi ka pawm ve der lo mai" tih lai khi a dik phian mai

  4. Ziak tha fua fua khawp mai a. TUai ringawt hi chu lo awm mahse ka pawiti lo a, mawngkawhur hi chu khap lul se ka ti asin le.

  5. Breaking news:

    Times of India: Now, Mizos fall back on 1909 order to ban gay sex

    Freed from the shackles of Article 377, gay couples may be on cloud nine across the country. But "freedom" seems to elude their peers in Christian-dominated Mizoram.

    Even as Delhi High Court recently scrapped the statute that criminalized homosexuality, Mizos may have to turn back to the pages of the state archives to find out where exactly their state stands in context of the homosexuals.

    While under British rule in 1909, superintendent of then Lushai Hills HWG Cole issued an statute (Order No. 3 of 1909. 10) criminalising homosexuality. "In future, all tuais (homosexuals) who are clearly of the male sex are to abandon wearing women's clothes and are to live as men and will pay revenue and do cooly (porter) work. (Village) chiefs should report the cases of any tuais whose sex is doubtful for my orders. Chiefs are bound to report all cases of unnatural offences that come to their notice whether of not any complaint has been made to them. Failure to do this will be severely punished," the order stated.

    After the statute was implemented in the Lushai Hills, homosexuals were often treated as outcasts. With the scrapping of Article 377, the gays in Mizoram had seen a ray of hope. But church and social leaders opposed the Delhi HC verdict and favoured the 1909 British order.

    Reverend Zosangliana Colney, executive secretary of the Mizoram Synod, said the British administration had laid down the order with Christianity in mind. He said the 1909 order was strongly supported by the Church.

    "Legalising homosexuality is directly against the ethics of Christianity and the Bible," said Colney, who thinks that scrapping of Article 377 "is a shock" to Christianity.

    He added that the Mizoram Synod's social front was working on the issue of homosexuality in the state. "We will soon come out with a comprehensive statistics," he said.

    Lalbiakzuala, general secretary of the all powerful Central Young Mizo Association, said, "I do not see any positive part in scrapping Article 377. Personally speaking, I believe that the 1909 order is still a good order for the Mizo Christians."

    The Mizoram government's law department is, however, tightlipped over the issue.

    During the British days, homosexuals who masqueraded as women were forced to discard their dress code following the 1909 order and compelled to do "men's work" rather than acting and working as women.

    Homosexualily became a fad in Aizawl following the invasion of western culture among the Mizo youths in the early Eighties. At present, homosexuals are not seen as pariahs with several beauty parlours and spa owners employing them at salons.

    "They are dedicated and sincere. I don't really care about their dress code and their personal life. All that matters is dedication. As a matter of fact, they are sincere workers," said Maliani, proprietor of one such salon.

  6. @illusionaire: Lolzzzzz... ka sawi ve mai tur a nia auh! Yeah, thank me for coming out of the closet and braving my way. Pity you, still holed up in your hell hole and disguising what you are not :D

    I news rawn flash chu ngaihtuah ava ti thui duh ve. TOI lah hi hetiang lam news hi an man chak phian leh nghal a. Mumbaimizo site ah ka lo view ang!

    @Zaia: Nia ti raw... news pawh hi ka hrhrang tawh nek lo e. Karkhat dawnte hi Breaking news te hi ani reng mai a. Ha ha

    @Anonymous: I duh zawng te kei tuai hian ka lo ziak tel pek ani maw! Lolzz

    @Joseph L: Chutin an ti ngai lo. Khi Sandman anews rawn flash khi en ta che... kum 1909 a min hruai kir tur zingah hian i tel ve ang e! *Grin*

  7. Tuaia, Tuaia, Tuaitea
    I vunte kha rai hir hiar... hahahaha

  8. I thusawi hi ka pawmpui thlap mai che. Zah chu sawi loh midang veng thawng lek lova an han thawveng vel phei hi chuan luak a pawt tlat. Han khing let ngawt dawn i la, mi hmuhah min ti mualpho erh ang tih a hlauhawm bawk si. Manchester-ah te hian Gay Village te hial a awm tawh a nia!

  9. @Varte: Hotunu, min hmusit! :P

    @faka: Kha daih kha a sin! Tunlai chu kan Google news lamah hian Mizoram leh tuai ho thu hi a rawn lang reng mai leh nghal a. Ka sawi duh loh topic ber kher ni bawk sia. News dang ka mamawh khawp mai. :D

  10. Patil hi ka ngei tawp, tuai hi ka ten tawp, kei chu Patuai ka nia........haha

  11. Mind your own business. Secular country kan ni. Kan danpui kan zawm mai tur a ni. Kristianna hian min control tur a ni lo. Huat tur duh chuan corruption hi bei rawh se. Ram rorelnaah sakhuana tel tir a ngai lo. Hindu, Muslim ten ti ve se in nui miah lovang.