Nov 23, 2008

Meeting the Sandman!

In the late 2006, as usual, I was surfing the net (my only true companion!) searching for anything and everything about MIZO posted in the internet. Google... Google.. then I got this links about racism, particularly about Chinky issues (Chinky-What me insult?)! That's the first time I religiously started folowing his blog (Illusionaire) though I had visited his blog before. He just simply rock!

His pioneering efforts in bridging the gap between the Nort-East and the mainstream India and his announcement to the world that there is a tribe called Mizo in the far side of the world are just great! Through comments, we started talking. Though we are living in the same city, job differs, area wide apart, we had had many a time failed meetings in this Maximum City.

Yesterday, D-day came as it was the last day for me in this city for this year as I am going home, Mizoram.
Place: SoBo(South Mumbai)
Venue: G***l Restaurant & Bar (Bar in small)
Time: 2110 Hrs IST
At exact (I didn't remenber the exact time) .... hrs, Sandman entered with a bouncer no... he's one of our community near-celebrity whose bag is half full of not-so-good script from Bollywood like a Thai Police role who'll be ever chasing the villain throughout the movie! Lol...

Then our time started, and over a cup of strong coffee, we shared our ideas on different topics, from racism to Students' Union, from colonial hang-over to beautiful babes then to football! (Sorry, Arsenal's a loser !!!)

We could not stopped the clock ticking and it struck 0200 Hrs and time to depart.

(A then kan la tho lo a, chaw ei a hun tawh tlat mai ril a tam lutuk, nizanah chaw kan ei lo a!!! tsk tsk..... A ngai te bawkin zanin dar 8:30 ah Howrah lam panin ka in hnuk chhuak leh bauh bauh dawn a nih hi! Mizoram lam atang te pawhin update kan tum aniang chu!

Kei chu ka hawng anga, inthlan hunah Pu Thena bialah vote thlak turin ka kal mai teh ang,mi dang vote tur ka hre lo tlat mai!)


  1. Pu Thena bialah vote i thlak theilo ang, i haw hma thei dawn na in. Kei chuan Pu Thena bialah vote ka thlak thei asin mahse..mahse..ka la haw hman thlak i sawi takah chuan ka vote ka ui kher mai. Ram tana tih ve theih awm chhun vote thlak tak ngial pawh hman loh chu..nang zawng gender equality na hmun dangaha khan vote mai teh.

  2. Pu Sandman a hi keichu ka hmuh hmasak ber chuannnn...a bag ah thil tam deuh rawn ak trunin a lo kal a, chuan hmeichhe kekorte a lo ha bawk a, bra nen, a rawn che samak raps hehe :) He's been like a real true friend ever since though, a samak mak nen :P

  3. Mizoram lama Christmas hman nuam..vawksa rep leh chhangban han ei treuh la, i vote tlin apiang chu kan pawm mai aniang chu..:)

  4. hetsssss ku Jeru!!! A tak tak emaw an lo ti palh a nge!!!! :) hahaha khami zan kha chu!

    @ Vaiva: eeeee thianpa kan han inhmuh chiah kha chuan ka rin ai daihin i lo hmelchhia :D

    hahahahaha, nia kan coffee in kha a strong eeee nih kha, a tuk Inkhawm tum ve pawh kha mu nileng chiang khawp mai *GRIN*

    Zoram lam atangin i online theih veleh rawn online rawh aw? :) i ngaihawm khawp mai, nula lo kawm ru tu tur te an awm ta si lo! :D

  5. i va vannei bik ve...keipawh ka hmu chak teh mai a nia!!! ;-)

  6. Sandman anung chungin i'n hmu tawh bik ania, i van vannei ve awww :P Kei anungchung in ka la hmu ve miah lo a :DD

    Nuam deuhin Masi i han hmang dawn nia !

  7. @Ahoer Buddy: I lo haw hmn ve ka ring ringawt ka thianpa!!! Hei.. Guwahati ah ka la online hram hrat thlak teh a nia.

    @Jerusha: Ka sawi vak chuan min kap hrhep ang ti ka hlau si a. Kan khawlamah khan ka online veleh hman vak si lo ang a. Thla khat chuang min lo kawp hrep ang tih ka hlau a lawm!!!

    Nula bula thut a thiam khawp mai !!! ha ha ha

  8. @illusionaire:ha ha ha.... kei chu ka rin ang chiah chiah i ni! lol... Coffee strong lutuk kha chu ka lo kir leh hma chu lo khulh tawh lo la.

    Hei Zoram thlen hmain ka rawn online vel Guwahati trang! Pu Luliana te khua ni lawm ni?

    @Maruata: I va rawn leng lut khat ve!!! Orkut lamah khan keipawh tan ka la rawn lakpui ang che. Tin, chhangban ka lo eikep teuh dawn che nia.

  9. @wonderboy: Athi chunga hmuh ai chuan hmuhtlak tak ani a nung chungin! ha ha..

    @Sekibuhchhuak:Masi chu nia nuam deuha hman kan tum aniang chu... Pu Sandman a chu a tlangval lo tep tawh in ka hria.. tsk tsk

  10. Kei pawh Sandman ka va han hmu chak em! :p

  11. Sandman ka hmuh hmasak ber chuan sir zong hian min ron vei nuih seih2..nuimoi a inti ngei in ka hria..lolzzz..that day onwards he is one of my best and trusted friends