May 28, 2008

Celebration Time@VaiVa

Come this June, VaiVa is going to be one year toddler. Thought of making it more glam look and sexy; then I recalled myself reading this sexy, style,.. blah blah blah stuff.
Yep, it's right! In today's world, anything can be sexy. We all might have seen sexy car, sexy shoe, sexy dog ......etc. It is no longer a taboo, no longer a vulgar word. Think of yester years when someone passed comments on someone else whispering 'sooo sexy', nope.. I was not that someone. 'Chappal, jutein padenge tujh par'.
But thing has changed, anything can be sexy and all became sexy conscious! Wanna be sexy... obviously, at least me (I've been waiting for someone who'd call me 'SEXY' ), HE or SHE no longer matterred. However, I wondered who is sexy or what is sexiness. We named some actors and actresses, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, sexy guys! Her curves, barbie slim figure, his hair style , his six pack abs and the lists going on and on. Imagine a porter sporting six pack abs like Shahrukh or a girl much thinner than Paris Hilton because of malnutrition. Lolzzz... my buddy, Kartuunlawma would have gifted me one tight slap for writing this kind of dirty stuff...(?)
Lets go back to the point! For making more sexy, I designed a Babel in my mind with my limited capability in Computing. I tried changing templates, fonts, background colour, new widget etc... but couldn't settle on that. At last came the solution (only for me, may be), 'sexiness' is not about the visible but about the invisible which is invincible. A great style quotient is nothing without the person's attitude, self confidence and how well he/she carry him/herself . So I heartily agreed and vowed that it will be like that from now onwards!
Here's the bottom line: after writing all those 'bakwas' I realised that I have none of the above qualities. That's the only reason, reason to believe that 'I am not sexy at all'. Ha ha ha.... Rairahtea is requested to keep mum, I know you are intelligent, smart and genius!


  1. hehehe congrats in advance. One year is truly a great time to be blogging!

  2. thank you 'illusionaire' for the scrap(?) he he... keep on buddy, your posts are always wonderful and mind boggling!

  3. congrats..and do keep blogging

  4. Thlalak hi kum khat chauh si a va tar tawh ve! *KHEK VAK*