Aug 1, 2007

Justice after 14 years!

It was a victorious day for some yet a distress for the rest. Yesterday, the verdict of the actor Sanjay Dutt was announced and finally justice was justified err. I am not a movie buff, not at least Bollywood. But I do aware of this actor named Sanju Baba and heard often especially when talking about something in 'Tapori language'. Everyone loves him so I think I don't hate him either. Now let's come to the point, we all know 92-93 Mumbai Communal Riots and the aftermath, Bombay Serial Bomb Blasts. The trial took for 14 years to complete and some of them got for life imprisonment which some already had finished their sentenced or finishing. Moreover, some public prosecutors and some hard hearted politicians called that as justice at last. Anyway I'm not mixing the case of Sanju Baba along with those terrorists as he was already let off from TADA. He was accused of possessing illegal arms(AK-56 and Pistol) under the Arms Act. It was iilegal and still illegal. So, he should not go unpunished and Judge Kode was just doing his duty, the law is blindfolded.
What I didn't understand is that while someone, given death penalty or life imprisonment sought for release and often granted before their term finished on the ground of being behaving good and showing change in their life since some 10 years back or so. On Sanju Baba's case, he's not only shown and maintained his good behaviour since the last 14 damn years but also had no criminal record in the past, he has been a good fellow citizen.Taking into consideration of all these, I tried to understand why the people is crying the the law was too harshed to him. I thought about the trauma he must have been living through all these years. Anyway law should be enforced as he had made a mistake and he still can see silver lining and let's hope the Apex Court will be having a soft corner for him (err..)
Laage raho Munna Bhai........................

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