Aug 6, 2007

Happy Friendship Day!

While we were having breakfast yesterday, I was greeted ‘Happy friendship Day’ by one of my colleague with a warm smiling face. ‘Is there any day called friendship day’ I was amused and continued,’ you mean Raksha Bandhan?’ Before I could finished, my cell phone beeps twice and there was a friendship day sms. Thanks to technology (?), I couldn’t reply her as she was an Airtel subscriber and mine- an MTNL one (I can’t send sms to airtel and reliance subscriber of the some region). Then a couple of smses reached my inbox, each with an emotional and heart touching. I don’t mean that they are fake and just flirting (I don’t hate them either!), but does it really mean that they would stand by me through thick and thin.
I am not trying to disappoint those ‘FRIENDS’ who cares about me to send such a heart rendering smses. But I just warned them that friendship does costs a lot. See the controversial Jessica Lal murdered case, friends of Manu Sharma-the accused; Vikas Yadav and Amardeep Singh Gill were sentenced to four years imprisonment each for helping the accused by destroying the evidence. In actor Sanjay Dutt’s case, Yusuf Nullwalla and Kersi Adajania are serving jail sentence or five and two years each respectively for their roles in destroying the AK-56 in the name of friendship.
For me, each day is a friendship day. The Bible by my side, there is a true friend-Jesus Christ who reassures me, never fails me and guides me through all the hurdles of my day. Then comes the night and the Bible my side, it comforts and guards me while I’m in a deep slumber.........

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