Aug 27, 2007

Down but not OUT!

Tunlai chu buai a na deuh ani ange, kan online hman meuh hlei nem. Thianpa Davida'n min dam loh san vei nen. Tlawh kha a phut ve ropui si a, ka va leng ve hram a. Mumbai khawlum-ah balangket in a lo intuam hlum mai han hmuh chuan chhungte hrilh vat chi anih hi tih mai a awl khawp mai. Mah se, han biak takah chuan a nui mawi tak chuan min lo seih a, a la thaw ve e tiin ka hlim ta phian a. Patling pa ve tak mai, an in seh ruh han hmuh meuh chuan "Awi ka nu" ka lo tih khalh tep a. Vizag lam lam a thianpa Bena han phone ruai tak mai kha ka nap a. Mah se Da a nge nge Biangnoi hming ka han lam takah chuan a biang sum no nalh tak mai chu a rawn khuar ta kak a. Hlim takin (a hmuhah chuan ka lungngaih ve hmel khawp mai(?)) ka liam san leh ta a. Hma lamah hna hlen tur kha ka la ngah ang reng sia.
Tichuan karhmasa buai tawk tawp nan chuan hun ka han hmang a. Tlai lamah Mumbai Freshers te lawmna lamah ka liam phei ve ta a. Kan veng a awm si kha, kan kalkhawmna tur kha ka hre lo a, ka bo ti tih ta der mai a. Thianpa Hmaa ka va rawn a, zawt chung zelin Starling Cinema Hall kawtah chhukin St Columbia Hall chu ka thleng ve ta hram a. Dekchi/ bel lei turin min tir zui nghal a, vaipa nen kan zawng kual hrep a, thifa hnukchhatin hall kan let leh ta hram a. Prog. min lo tan san a, a pawi lo e. Rawngbawl kan tan zui ta a.Nula ho an chhe lo khawp mai. Nula pakhat chu a fengchhing lutuk a, thianpa ......a'n ' rai a chak hmel' ati . Fashion Designer lam an rawn nalh hle a. Tlangval lam lah an rawn simaat hlawm bawk. Kan LO te nupa an hot hle mai a. Tv Mafaka'n hneh tak mai in programme a kaihruai bawk a.Debate ah tawngthei min ti hle. Mumbai ah chuan Total Prohobition kan lo phelh der mai a sin. Prog a dul dawn viau laiin a tawp lamah Tv Matluangtea leh a thiante'n mawi tak leh hot tak mai in 'Aw Herthuli', 'Betuamale' tih te leh 'Tunge hril zo ang, Ka suihlunglen ve hi... 'an rawn ti chiah mai chu... tlar hnung lam an lir lo chauh mai maw le. Tv Mapuia pawh a inperh nui tut tut mai a, Tv Hmaa pawh a lo zaithiam reng tih ka hre chhuak thar bawk a. Hlawk thlak tak ani.
Ruai ropui tak mai in khar ani zui a. Chaw ei a hun meuh chuan saptawng leh vai tawng chawah kan hmeh tel a, chaw hmeh a tam duh khawp mai. Nula Helen leh Sentei rawngbawl an thiam in an mawng an zo hle. Kan hlim tlang a niang kan tin zo hma e mai. Kar khat buai khah chhilh nan chuan nuam tak a ni, a ngawl vei chi tak niin a kal ve lo ber Daa'n a hria.

Aug 10, 2007

Kar tluan summary

Tunkar chu kei leh kei lo ang in ka buai ve em em a. Kan hman lo ve teh tlat a. Ka hman hram leh news chhiar nan ka hmang zo bawk sia. A ho angreng khawp mai. Thian thenkhat ten saptawngin ngatinge i tih tak daih a an tia, engdang vang mah ni lo e.. ka han ti teh ang.Tu emaw danah ad-revenue ka awh vang deuh mai mai ania. Google Adsense ka dah ve a, Mizotawng kha an lo pawm awzawng lo mai a. Chuvang chuan a tih bum nan saptawngin kan chhu ve ta tlauh tlauh rih anih kha. Hei ka dah fel ve thei ta hram e. C ya next week

Aug 6, 2007

A forwarded mail!

Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah's Ark.

ONE: Don't miss the boat.

TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

FOUR: Stay fit. When you're 60 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

FIVE: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

SIX: Build your future on high ground.

SEVEN: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

EIGHT: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

NINE: When you're stressed, float a while.

TEN: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

ELEVEN: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.

Happy Friendship Day!

While we were having breakfast yesterday, I was greeted ‘Happy friendship Day’ by one of my colleague with a warm smiling face. ‘Is there any day called friendship day’ I was amused and continued,’ you mean Raksha Bandhan?’ Before I could finished, my cell phone beeps twice and there was a friendship day sms. Thanks to technology (?), I couldn’t reply her as she was an Airtel subscriber and mine- an MTNL one (I can’t send sms to airtel and reliance subscriber of the some region). Then a couple of smses reached my inbox, each with an emotional and heart touching. I don’t mean that they are fake and just flirting (I don’t hate them either!), but does it really mean that they would stand by me through thick and thin.
I am not trying to disappoint those ‘FRIENDS’ who cares about me to send such a heart rendering smses. But I just warned them that friendship does costs a lot. See the controversial Jessica Lal murdered case, friends of Manu Sharma-the accused; Vikas Yadav and Amardeep Singh Gill were sentenced to four years imprisonment each for helping the accused by destroying the evidence. In actor Sanjay Dutt’s case, Yusuf Nullwalla and Kersi Adajania are serving jail sentence or five and two years each respectively for their roles in destroying the AK-56 in the name of friendship.
For me, each day is a friendship day. The Bible by my side, there is a true friend-Jesus Christ who reassures me, never fails me and guides me through all the hurdles of my day. Then comes the night and the Bible my side, it comforts and guards me while I’m in a deep slumber.........

Aug 1, 2007

Justice after 14 years!

It was a victorious day for some yet a distress for the rest. Yesterday, the verdict of the actor Sanjay Dutt was announced and finally justice was justified err. I am not a movie buff, not at least Bollywood. But I do aware of this actor named Sanju Baba and heard often especially when talking about something in 'Tapori language'. Everyone loves him so I think I don't hate him either. Now let's come to the point, we all know 92-93 Mumbai Communal Riots and the aftermath, Bombay Serial Bomb Blasts. The trial took for 14 years to complete and some of them got for life imprisonment which some already had finished their sentenced or finishing. Moreover, some public prosecutors and some hard hearted politicians called that as justice at last. Anyway I'm not mixing the case of Sanju Baba along with those terrorists as he was already let off from TADA. He was accused of possessing illegal arms(AK-56 and Pistol) under the Arms Act. It was iilegal and still illegal. So, he should not go unpunished and Judge Kode was just doing his duty, the law is blindfolded.
What I didn't understand is that while someone, given death penalty or life imprisonment sought for release and often granted before their term finished on the ground of being behaving good and showing change in their life since some 10 years back or so. On Sanju Baba's case, he's not only shown and maintained his good behaviour since the last 14 damn years but also had no criminal record in the past, he has been a good fellow citizen.Taking into consideration of all these, I tried to understand why the people is crying the the law was too harshed to him. I thought about the trauma he must have been living through all these years. Anyway law should be enforced as he had made a mistake and he still can see silver lining and let's hope the Apex Court will be having a soft corner for him (err..)
Laage raho Munna Bhai........................