Jul 28, 2007

Professor, not Ex-President! - Kalam

This is what the former peoples' president wanted to be known! In fact, he was quite comfortable at the old time favourite restaurant with old pal at Chennai recently. I supported, I do support and will always be a loyal follower whatever be the reason and the cause. Why he should be addressed as the former President while he was denied of his last wish of moving out to the 8th Rajaji Marg and instead accomodated him at 10 Rajaji Marg which seems that it'll will not be ready this week (from the media report). Ho hummm... this is the respect we gave to one of India's greatest ever President who didn't lose the common touch during his short stint as the head of Indian Republic. Whatever be the mood swings of the Indian people, I hope he'll be enjoying his next term as the Professor at Anna University. Yet I do pray that the government is following his guidelines to make India a developed nation by 2020.


  1. My deepest respect to ex-Presi Kalam, the best in my books. We'll miss you, uncle.

  2. He is truly a great man and I admire him so much. I still regret that I missed the chance to see him when he visited Aizawl twice.